Adopting a Pet

One of the most satisfying things that an animal lover can do is re-home a pet in need.

The many reasons that an animal finds itself homeless range from the excess of cruelty or neglect to something as simple as their owner’s circumstances changing leaving them no longer coping with the responsibilities of pet ownership. There is nothing better than allowing a pre-loved pet to join your family. Saving one pet will not change the world, but for that one pet, their world will change forever.

Sadly many dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals live in rehoming centres or foster care for months to years waiting for a loving home. Others are put to sleep because no one wants them. It is estimated that one dog per hour is euthanased in Britain because they are homeless. Charities do all they can to rescue them from death, however there are not unlimited funds to look after these animals, so those who do not find homes sometimes pay the price for being not cute enough, too old or too expensive. If you are in a situation to help these animals, please do. There are always people wanting puppies or kittens but only a special person takes on an older pet.

The advantages of welcoming a rehomed pet into your family include:

  • Their personality has already been assessed so you will know if they are dog/cat friendly, good with children, need more training etc.
  • No house or litter training required
  • They likely have had some obedience training already but you can continue to train them in a way that suits your life.
  • Rehoming centres will have assessed exercise and stimulation requirements of the pet so will be able to match your lifestyle with an animal.
  • An older pet will be less demanding and work than a pup or kitten.
  • You will know the size of the pet if it is already an adult.
  • You will feel great!

We at Eastgate feel passionately that healthy animals should not be put to sleep (which is why we end up with so many pets ourselves!) and have built up relationships with many local charities including the RSPCA, PDSA, Cat’s Protection and Bury Stray Cats to help find homes for unwanted pets. Please let us know if you have a place in your home for a pre-loved (and wanting more love) pet.

The following websites can help you find your perfect companion: