Medicines & Prescriptions


Safety effectiveness and convenience


Supplying safe and effective medicines for animals under our care is an important part of the service we provide. Pet owners have the convenience of being able to leave the clinic after a consultation with everything required to commence treatment of illness without delay. You can also purchase healthcare medications and special dietary foods of the highest quality on veterinary advice.


Most medications used in this practice are Prescription Only Medicines and have legal and ethical controls applied to ensure safe and responsible usage . This requires us to carry out regular assessment of cases and to issue drugs only for use in animals under our direct care.


We aim to make the process of dispensing treatments as speedy and stress free as possible. Drugs dispensed after an examination will be recorded, labelled and dispensed by the vet before you leave the consultation room unless you indicate a wish to source the materials elsewhere. The receipt printed at the reception desk will indicate, in detail, the costs involved.


For on-going treatment, when further supplies of medication are requested our nurses and receptionists must gain agreement from a vet before the drug is dispensed. This is a legal requirement. We ask for a 24 hour notice period to ensure proper consideration by the clinician. Regular re-examinations, typically at 3 to 6 month intervals, will be necessary to review such matters as correct dosage, possible side effects and efficacy of the medication.

Dispensing Charges

In order to meet the costs of preparing prescriptions a fee is charged. The following are exempt from this:

  • Medication used at the time of consultation when an examination fee is charged.
  • Flea control and worming preparations.
  • Many Pre-packed long term medications discounted for bulk purchase.
  • Second and subsequent items where a fee has been charged for the first item dispenses at the same time.

If you require medications more urgently then the requested 24 hour period will be charged as an additional fee.




Significant savings are available for purchases of many long term medications and these will be offered in appropriate circumstances.


Return of unused medications


Dispensing regulations do not permit the re-use of unused prescription drugs and these can only be accepted for disposal as controlled waste. We are happy to accept material on this basis and do not make a charge. We do make an exception to this in the case of unopened sealed packs which have been recently dispensed and appear undamaged. A full credit may be passed in these cases subject to vet approval.


Requests for written prescriptions


Clients who express a wish to source prescription medication elsewhere may do so and a written prescription will be provided by the vet. This will be for a maximum of 3 months with a clinical examination required before further prescriptions are issued. We still require 24 hours notice for written prescriptions to be issued and a fee will be charged for this service.