Our Charity Work

The staff at Eastgate Vets are extremely proud of our association with a number of local and national charities. From the more intermittent support of charities like Cancer Research (fun runs, the muddier the better) and St Nicholas Hospice/Macmillan (treks and quiz nights) to long term associations with animal charities such as the RSPCA, Cat’s Protection and Guide Dogs for the Blind, we are passionate about helping not only our own clients pets but our community as a whole.



We proudly care for the cats, dogs, rabbits and other small furries that are waiting to be adopted from the West Suffolk branch of the RSPCA. If you are considering getting a new pet please contact them and help re-home a pet in need. See our page on Adopting A Pet. We also work in close association with the RSPCA when clients of ours need assistance with funding in emergency situations. Some pets under the care of the RSPCA stay with fosterers until their forever families are found. If you have the space and time to help and would like to become one of these special people please contact the local branch.


The national RSPCA take responsibility for the funding of cats who have been injured or are sick when no owner can be found and wildlife requiring veterinary attention, helping us to provide emergency care at critical times. We are sadly sometimes involved in cruelty cases, giving our expert veterinary opinions on, and caring for, animals that have been neglected or mistreated. Although heartbreaking, this can be extremely rewarding when we are able to help a pet move on from a bad situation to a happy new life.


Cat’s Protection

We provide the veterinary care for cats and kittens waiting to be re-homed by Cat’s Protection Breckland at our Thetford branch. Like our Facebook page to get updates on Cats Protection cats looking for homes. Cats Protection are always interested in hearing from potential fosterers, so if you have the time and space to offer a short term home for a needy feline please contact them.


Guide Dogs For The Blind

Our job usually revolves around assisting humans to care for animals but there is, of course, a flip side. Pets are often the ones helping humans. Sometimes this is in simple ways, for example the therapeutic effects you gain from patting your dog or stroking your cat. At the other extreme are the heroes of the animal world, whose job it is to look after their human. This is what a Guide Dog is, a hero in a fur coat. We are proud to provide the medical care for Guide Dogs, from preventative health care such as vaccinations and parasite control to treating them when they become ill.


St Nicholas Hospice

Anyone who has been living in this area for a while knows someone whose family has been in need of assistance from this amazing place. The care that they give to people in their darkest hours and support for their families is incredible. We proudly support the Hospice each year by sponsoring things such as diaries and books and some of our staff have trekked and climbed on Hospice challenges raising thousands of pounds. Please consider donating to this fabulous local charity.


Cancer Research

We would like to inform you all that we take our charity fundraising very seriously…that’s why the muddier it is the better! Coming up with slightly rude names for our teams and getting decked out in garish pink outfits is all part of the fun of participating in a Fun Run. Put a few obstacles, some water and most importantly mud in our way & team Eastgate thrive (and raise lots of money.)

On a more solemn note we also purchase some of our sympathy cards from Cancer Research. We hope that donating to a charity that pushes forward research on this most cruel of diseases will save human lives and help us to help animals also. Most cancer treatments available to our pets was initially used on humans.



Many of our staff have relied upon MacMillan for assistance to get through horrific times. This charity gives dignity to people at the worst time of their lives and supports their friends and families. We participate each year in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning and have been involved in fundraising of thousands of pounds through the organisation of quiz nights and trekking in overseas challenges.