Diagnostic Procedures

Many of the problems that we see can be dealt with during a routine appointment and clinical examination. However, more complicated problems may require further tests or investigations before we can make a full diagnosis and create a treatment plan.

At Eastgate vets we are very proud of our excellent facilities which help us carry out a wide range of diagnostic procedures within our premises. This means we can offer our clients peace of mind that when more complicated problems arise, the time between first appointment, diagnosis and starting an effective treatment regime is kept to a minimum.


Blood Sampling

Blood samples can often be taken at routine appointments, either from a small clipped area on the neck or on the forelimb, depending on the amount of blood needed and the patient’s co-operation! Most blood chemistry and haematology results are available within 48 hours if sent to an external laboratory. In-house testing for more urgent situations gives us a results within hours.



We have a well-equipped laboratory on site as well as a rapid blood biochemistry and haematology service. This ‘in-house’ lab offers us a wide range of other important services including facilities for urine and faecal analysis, skin examination and the culture and sensitivity of bacteria (to aid in the choice of the best antibiotics for infections).



Our digital x-ray facilities allow us to make a rapid diagnosis. These are used in numerous investigations such as diagnosing broken bones, investigating chest problems, checking for gut obstructions, identifying bladder stones, investigating possible cancerous growths and many more cases.



We also have a number of experts at referral centres nearby who will aid us in the interpretation of x-rays if needed.



An endoscope is a long bundle of optic fibres which allows us to investigate problems of the respiratory or intestinal tracts. The fibres allow us to see the inside these tracts with an attachment which can allow us to take biopsies (samples) of abnormal tissues.


We have a top-of-the-range ultrasound machine which is regularly used to help to understand abnormalities within the abdomen and chest. We can achieve excellent visualisation of internal organs non-invasively, often with only a mild sedation.


With have an ECG machine which allows us to investigate cardiac (heart) problems.


Our modern tonovet measures eye pressure, enabling the rapid diagnosis and management of urgent eye conditions such as glaucoma and uveitis.

Blood Pressure

We have blood pressure machines in each branch which are used to diagnose and monitor abnormalities in blood pressure; either hyper (high) or hypo (low) tension.