Nurse Consultations

Our trained veterinary nurses offer consultations for a wide range of minor procedures and free advice on fleas and worm treatment, on basic aspects of pet care and on feeding your pet.

These consultations provide you with convenient expert advice to help you care for your pet’s health and wellbeing. They take place in our dedicated nurse’s consulting room. We have a number of nurses who are qualified Pet Health Counsellors.


Our veterinary nurses advise on feeding for all life stages from the new born to the elderly. They will be happy to discuss all aspects of the nutrition of your pet.

Weight Clinics

If your pet needs to lose weight, our nurses will offer the advice and support you need. We can supply appropriate diets which will help your pet lose weight whilst maintaining an adequate nutritional balance.

Flea, Tick and Worm Control

Our nurses can advise you on all aspects of parasite control. By assessing and weighing your pet they can supply the appropriate product at the correct dose. They can also provide advice on control of fleas within your home if there is a problem.

Juvenile Checks

These are developmental checks of young cats and dogs of around 5 months of age. The nurse will examine and weigh your pet and give advice and support on feeding, neutering, behaviour and any other concerns you may have.

Senior (Prime of Life) Pet Clinics

Health checks on pets of 8 years and older are recommended every 6 months. These clinics can provide a valuable early warning system for problems that may be starting to emerge in older pets. Some older pets with health problems may need to be referred to a veterinary surgeon.

Post-operation Checks

Most pets are examined a few days after surgery and our nurses are trained to carry out these checks. They can remove sutures or staples at the appropriate time after the operation.

Mobility Clinics

Arthritis, weight issues and many other conditions can affect your pet’s mobility. These clinics help you to give your pet a healthier, more active life.

Pet Health Plan Clinics

Members of our Pet Health Plan receive an extra health check every year by our nurses.



Nail Clipping

Routine nail-clipping of most pets can be performed


This quick and relatively painless procedure can be carried out by nurses. It provides a permanent identification of your pet, which can be vital in recovering your pet if they become lost or injured (e.g. in a traffic accident). Microchipping is now a legal requirement for all dogs.

Specialised Nurse Clinics

Exotic Pet Health Checks

One of our nurses, Matt Wright has a City & Guilds certificate in nursing of Exotic Species. His clinics can help owners to keep these difficult to care for pets, as healthy and happy as possible.

Behaviour clinics

Nurse Helen Kibble, is a qualified pet behaviourist and dog trainer. She runs behaviour clinics and can help owners deal with a wide variety of behavioural problems in their pets.