Our clinics have modern facilities and equipment to provide comprehensive surgical treatment of your pet whenever it is needed.  Operations are performed in our surgical suites where we have sterile facilities and up-to-date anaesthetic equipment.

Routine surgery is carried out on weekdays by teams of vets and nurses and animals are usually admitted at the beginning of the day. In most cases, they are ready to go home in the afternoon or early evening. Before you entrust your pet to our care you will be fully briefed on the surgery and what home care is required after the operation. This is done in the admission appointment. We require your consent in writing and any final questions you have about the procedure can be answered at this time. You will be given a time to phone in to check on your pet’s recovery and we can also text you to let you know how your pet is doing. Your pet will be discharged by a nurse or vet who will provide you with further details of the operation and the post-operative care required. More details of what happens can be found in the section My Pet is Having an Operation

Emergency procedures are carried out when they are needed, day or night. These will normally require a team of at least one vet and a nurse, but more if required.

As well as routine surgery (for example neutering), we have surgeons who have a special interest in soft tissue, orthopaedic, dental and ophthalmic surgery.

Each of these needs special equipment both to do the work and to monitor it. Examples are shown in the photographs on this page.