Vet Consultations

For most people and pets the main reason for coming to the vets is to have a consultation. At Eastgate Veterinary Group we provide consultations with a veterinary surgeon when it is convenient for you.

We aim for you to be seen within ten minutes of your appointment time, however, we are sure you will understand that emergencies must be prioritised.

A trip to the vet can be a traumatic time for some pets. We try to make you and your pet as comfortable as possible with us. We treat every pet as an individual and modify our behaviour to make them feel at ease. You are our guests. Regular visitors often learn where the treat tins are and love visiting us.

You may be coming in for a routine procedure such as a vaccination and health check or because your pet is unwell. At the consultation the vet will welcome you and your pet into the consulting room. They will then ask some history about why you have come and what symptoms your pet is exhibiting. Next the vet will examine your pet clinically, which may include listening with a stethoscope, palpating areas of the body, taking it’s temperature and other techniques. Sometimes we may need to take samples such as blood samples, needle biopsies of lumps or bacterial swabs.

The vet will then discuss their thoughts with you and might suggest further tests needed to make a diagnosis. Where possible we will give an indication of the likely progress of the condition. We will then discuss appropriate courses of treatment. We may inject your pet, provide you with medicines to give at home or admit them if they require more intensive treatment.

In certain situations, some pets are calmer away from their owners and we may suggest taking your pet away from you to be held by a nurse.

Throughout the whole consultation, please feel free to ask questions or ask us to explain anything you’re unclear about. If you are not sure about how to give the medication we have provided, it is important to clarify this quickly.

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