Dental work

Dental care is an important element of pet health, and our vets and nurses can advise on how to make sure your pet’s mouth is in top condition.

Dental disease is very common in cats and dogs and many animals will continue to eat and behave normally even with loose, wobbly, infected or painful teeth because if they didn’t do so in the wild they wouldn’t survive.

Because of this, regular dental checks with a vet or nurse are important, and if we see any problems we can advise you on the best treatment to help your pet.

Usually this will involve a general anaesthetic, a thorough descale of the teeth, and extractions if necessary.

We can also advise you on routine dental care. The best way of maintaining your pets’ teeth in good condition is to brush them regularly with an enzyme-based, pet-specific toothpaste.

There are also other ways of helping such as dental chews, and products that go in their food or water.

If you have any concerns about your pets teeth, book an appointment for a dental check with one of our nurses, or speak to your vet.