Overseas travel

We can provide advice on what you need to do to safely and successfully travel with your pet.

Travelling abroad with your pet usually requires official certification.

We have vets who are registered official veterinarians, and who are able to complete this certification.

If you are planning to travel with your pet, the requirements will vary depending on where you are travelling to, and may need starting several months in advance.

The most up to date information is available at https://www.gov.uk/.

For animals travelling to the EU on non-commercial travel, an animal health certificate (AHC) is required.  Your pet will need a microchip and a rabies vaccination, and the certificate cannot be issued until at least 21 days after the rabies vaccination has been administered.

If you are travelling to Finland, Malta, Norway or the Republic of Ireland, there may also be a requirement for tapeworm treatment one to five days before travelling.

Once an AHC is issued, it is valid for 10 days for entry into the UK, and can then be used for up to four months for onward travel within the EU or for return to the UK.

Tapeworm treatment will need to be given by a vet in the EU one to five days before return to the UK.

For animals travelling outside the EU or those travelling to the EU for commercial reasons, requirements vary according to the country of destination.

These requirements can change frequently, so it is best to check www.gov.uk for the most up to date requirements.